Lucid ICE Criminal Grim Reaper 173g


Lucid ICE Criminal Grim Reaper 173g overstable disc golf fairway driver from Dynamic Discs.

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Lucid ICE Criminal Grim Reaper 173g

SPEED: 10  GLIDE: 3  TURN: 1  FADE: 4

Dynamic Discs is bringing you a Criminal that you are going to want to get to know. With more glide than the Felon and more stability than the Convict, this Criminal is exactly what you need to assault your high scores. The fairway driver that will be able to trust to cover the ground necessary without giving up the stability you need for confident throws. Befriend this Criminal and you will start to do some bad things to your course.


Overstable fairway shots, headwind.

disc golf plastic ICE

Lucid Ice is a premium blend of plastics that provides a stiffness between Lucid and Lucid-X. It has great durability, and more overstable flights compared to regular Lucid.

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Design ID: 230103 Grim Reaper


Lucid ICE


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