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Disc Golf Custom Dyes
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Disc Golf Custom Dyes

Disc Tattoo Disc Golf Custom Dyes proudly stocks quality discs from Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs! 

Create Your Custom Disc Golf Dyes

Disc golf custom dyes use a special formula containing permanent polycarbonate dye and special enhancers to make your images pop! Do you have a disc golf dye idea? Why not Contact Us and get started.

  • Free Consultation!
  • Free Setup!
  • Free Design! 

Upcoming Events

Disc Tattoo is currently not attending events because of Covid-19. We are happy to assist you online with the creation of your custom disc golf dyes. If you would like to schedule us for a future "approved" event please contact Johnny B Botamer, Facebook Page or use our Contact Form.

What Plastic for Your Disc Golf Custom Dyes?

Disc golf custom dyes require premium plastics. Disc Tattoo proudly stocks Trilogy premium plastics:

  • Fuzion from Dynamic Discs
  • Lucid from Dynamic Discs
  • BioFuzion from Dynamic Discs
  • Opto Line from Latitude 64
  • Gold Line from Latitude 64
  • VIP from Westside Discs
  • Tournament from Westside Discs

At this time we do not stock blank discs from other manufacturers but are happy to dye other premium plastics. Please contact us for more information.

Understanding Flight Numbers

Speed ranges from 1 to 14. The speed number is actually the minimum speed at which you have to throw the disc to make it fly as intended. The higher the number, the faster you have to throw the disc. Drivers are split into two categories.
Speed by disc type:

  • Distance Drivers 9-14
  • Fairway Drivers 6-8
  • Midrange 4-5
  • Putters 1-3

Glide is rated from 1 to 7 with the majority of discs between 4-6. The glide rating is the amount of "float" the disc has in the air. Higher numbers glide further.

Turn is rated from +1 down to -5, but most discs fall between 0 and -3. Turn refers to a disc being overstable, stable, or understable. More understable discs are great for beginners. Experienced golfers can get an understable disc to turn a lot, but a newer player may have a straighter flight because they cannot get the disc to the intended speed.

Fade ranges from 0-6 and determines how hard the disc will hook back at end of the flight. After the "turn" and/or "glide" pattern the fade begins to hook back. The higher the number the more the disc will hook.